Week 6

Session 1: Present your results for Problem Set #4. Today each group member will be showing their progress on the project so far. Discuss your progress on the assigned tasks and show any sketches, or examples of code that you have created.

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 7.01.39 PM

Session 2: Today we will review the requirements for Problem Set #5. Also, we will continue demonstrations in Processing that relate to the final group project.

Special Topics: Problem Set #5 (5 points)
1. Create a new Processing sketch from the example found under Topics > Simulate > SimpleParticleSystem.
2. Modify the sketch to involve user interaction with the mouse and keyboard.
3. Apply behaviors to mouseX and mouseY.
4. Experiment with keyboard controls to change particle size and color.
5. Save your experiment on the drop off drive under “John Keston/IM4490/Last, First/Problem Set 5/ParticlesPS5.pde”
6. Be prepared to demonstrate and explain your modifications in class on session 1, week 7.