Week 4

Session 1: Today we will be presenting Problem Set #2. Also, final drafts of your project proposals and artist statements are due for jurying. I will also talk about some of my experiences at Moogfest.

Session 2: Today we will review the details of Problem Set #3. After that Vote on project proposals. Assign groups to each projects.
Homework: Solve Problem Set #3. Organize initial project tasks for group.

Special Topics: Problem Set #3 (5 points)
1. Create a new Processing sketch from the example found under Basics > Objects > Objects.
2. Modify the sketch to create an array of objects.
3. Modify the example in a minimum of four more places to produce your new sketch.
4. Experiment with color, shapes, keyboard input, mouse input, etc.
5. Save your experiment on the drop off drive under “John Keston/IM4490/Last, First/Problem Set 3/ObjectsPS3.pde”
6. Be prepared to explain your modifications before class starts on session 1, week 4.