Week 3

Session 1: Today each of you will present your work on problem set #1. I will also be providing the final feedback for your proposals and artist statements. Once all of that has been covered I will present another Processing.org demo.

Session 2: Today you will be reviewing the requirements for problem set #2 involving radial gradients using the HSB color mode.

Special Topics: Problem Set #2 (5 points)
1. Create a new Processing sketch from the example found under Basics > Color > RadialGradient.
2. Modify the example in a minimum of five places to produce your new sketch.
3. Experiment with frame rate, x-y-r, background color, dimensions, coordinates, strokes, etc.
4. Save your experiment on the drop off drive under “John Keston/IM4490/Last, First/Problem Set 2/RadialGradientPS2.pde”
5. Be prepared to explain your modifications before class starts on session 1, week 4.