Week 9

Session 1: Today we will start demonstrations in Flash CS6 / ActionScript 3.0 for the Flash timeline project.

Use Flash CS6 and ActionScript 3.0 to create an interactive timeline that contains a minimum of 10 steps. Also embed media including images and sound. Apply timeline animations using classic tweens, motion tweens, shape tweens, motion guides, and masks. Provide navigation for the user to go to any step from any step within the timeline.

1. Use Flash CS6 and ActionScript 3.0 to author your timeline
2. Include a minimum of 10 steps
3. Step content must reflect various media types (text, images, video, audio)
4. Use ActionScript to code non-linear navigation.
5. Create custom tweens to suit your content.
6. Due before class for critiques on session 1, week 11.

Session 2: Let’s present the Impress.js projects for critique today. After the critiques we will take another look at creating timeline navigation / animation sequences usin Flash CS5 and ActionScript 3.0.