Week 7

Session 1: Today are the critiques / presentations of your interactive poll projects. Final versions are due on session 2.

Session 2: Today we will start looking at impress.js. Although this framework does not include extensive documentation, it is fairly easy to implement and learn. Here are some link to get you started:

Official Impress.js Demo
Get to Know the Impress.js Presentation Tool
Create Stunning Visualizations with Impress.js

Link to in class demo archive:

Impress.js Slideshow project requirements: create an electronically deliverable presentation using HTML, CSS, and the Impress.js Javascript framework. Slides must contain a combination of media (no all image slideshows) including text, images and HTML5 media elements (video and/or audio content). Navigation should be in place to move from slide to slide, or to a specific slide within the presentation. Use CSS3 transitions to animate between slides using x,y,z axis, scaling, and opacity.

1. Use HTML5, CSS, and Impress.js to author your presentation
2. Include a minimum of 10 slides
3. Slide content must reflect various media types (text, images, video, audio)
4. Design must responsive (built into Impress.js)
5. Include linear and non-linear navigation
6. Customize the animation behaviors to suit your content
7. Due before class for critiques on session 2, week 9

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