Week 3

Session 1: As we learn to create presentations it is important to see examples of presentations created by expert speakers, artists, and designers. One excellent resource for this are the visiting artist lecture archive at MCAD. Today we’ll start by browsing the archive. Please take the time to watch one or more of the videos in full.

Secondly I will demonstrate techniques for the JS/HTML5 Slideshow project. We will go through the process of downloading, installing, and activating a Javascript slideshow framework. Specifically the framework will we utilize is called Flexslider.

Session 2: Let’s continue working with Flexslider. Today we will investigate customizing the behavior of the framework with the controls that are built into the system. These controls include callback functions that make it possible to extend the functionality of the framework without hacking the source code. This means that new functionality can be applied and maintained even if the Flexslider code base is updated.

PHP/jQuery Interactive Poll requirements: create an interactive poll using PHP and jQuery that allows visitors to see the results and participate by choosing their own answer for the poll question.

1. Use PHP to collect the answers and store the results in a database or flatfile
2. Use jQuery to display the results graphically as horizontal of vertical bars
3. Investigate techniques to prevent repeat voting (ip checking, cookies, registration)
4. Consider mechanisms to create multiple polls with a variety of questions
5. DUE: Milestone critiques – session 1 week 7
6. DUE: Final poll web application – session 2 week 7