Week 2

Session 1: Today I will be looking at your Prezi projects so far. We will also start to take a look at using HTML5, CSS, and Javascript frameworks to author presentations. This is an example that I recently produced that is optimized for viewing on tablets and uses a system called Flexslider.

Post-prepared Piano Interface

Session 2: Let’s begin today’s class by presenting your Cloud Based Presentation (Prezi) projects. After the presentations we will discuss the requirements for the JS/HTML5 Slideshow project.

JS/HTML5 Slideshow project requirements: create an electronically deliverable presentation using HTML, CSS, and a Javascript framework such as Flexslider. Slides must contain a combination of media (no all image slideshows) including text, images, video and/or audio content. Your design should respond to various delivery mechanisms including computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Navigation should be in place to move from slide to slide, or to a specific slide within the presentation.

1. Use HTML, CSS, and Javascript to author your presentation
2. Include a minimum of 10 slides
3. Slide content must reflect various media types (text, images, video, audio)
4. Design must responsive (built into Flexslider)
5. Include linear and non-linear navigation
6. Customize the animation behaviors to suit your content
7. Due before class for critiques on session 1, week 5