Week 1

Session 1: Authoring tools are software platforms that allow non-developers to create applications for specific computer operating systems, CD-ROMs, web sites, or mobile platforms. Typically these tools provide an integrated development environment or IDE. These system typically include a scripting language, or make a programming language more accessible for developers or designers. Examples include the following:

Dreamweaver (HTML,CSS,Javascript, et al)
Director (Lingo)
Eclipse (Java,C++, et al)
Flash (ActionScript)
Processing.org (Processing/Java)

New authoring tools are emerging all the time. Many of these are cloud based systems. The first authoring tool that we will examine is Prezi. Prezi is designed for creating interactive presentations that have a particularly engaging style of animation features built into the system.

Investigate the tutorials and documentation at prezi.com/learn

Session 2: Today we will discuss the requirements for the Cloud Based Presentation (Prezi) project. Following the discussion I will be demonstrating some of the features and functionality within the Prezi authoring system.

Pick a topic that interests you and create a visual presentation with text and images using a cloud based authoring system (Prezi). Each slide should transition using the supported animation features from one slide to the next. Try tweens, scaling, and rotation. The presentation requires text and visual media on each slide, plus a minimum of one embedded video file (Competencies 1a, 1b). The project must be completed by Session 2, Week 2 for in class critiques. Final revisions are due at the beginning of class on Session 1, Week 3.

1. Use a cloud based authoring tool (Prezi) to build an electronic presentation
2. Create a minimum of 10 slides to inform your audience
3. Use animations to transition between slides
4. Include textual and visual media on each slide
5. Include at least one embedded video in the presentation
6. Experiment and be creative! Due on session 2, week 2 for critiques
7. Final revisions due on session 3, week 1