Week 3

Hansel and GretelSession 1: Let’s start today by discussing the reading assigned last week. Be prepared to talk about key concepts in the book. I will also be returning last weeks papers to you with my feedback and your grades. In class we will discuss MLA 7, grammar, and the purpose of a concept summary.

Smashing Magazine’s Showcase of Web Navigation

Concept Summary #3: “Designing Navigation”
Due: Week 4, Session 2 (at the beginning of class)

Write a two to three page concept summary of chapter six from Don’t Make Me Think. Be careful to include a discussion of each key concept from the assigned chapter. To name a few, discuss the following: the purpose of navigation, conventions, sub-navigation (secondary, tertiary, etc.), persistent or universal navigation, page titles/name, and so on.

1. Use MLA 7 format for your summary and works cited.
2. It is acceptable to quote the reading, but at least 80% should be in your own words.
3. Avoid platitudes or clichés like “very”, “mainly”, or “now I feel like I understand”.
4. To receive credit, bring in a stapled paper copy on the day it is due.

Session 2: In class today I will be presenting our next assignment. This exercise involved organizing topics into persistent, secondary, and tertiary navigation. I will present you with a web site concept and it will be your responsibility to organize the topics into a user-centered navigation scheme.

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