Week 7

Session 1: As we approach mid-term it is important to keep sight on the overall goals and outcomes expected for the class. The following is a list of the upcoming exercises and projects for the rest of the semester:

Exercise 3: jQuery UI (5 points)
Assignment 3: Interactive Form (15 points)
Assignment 4: Final Template (10 points)
Final Web Application (25 points)

The final template is a component of the Final Web Application. In addition you will be required to write a final project proposal and get approval for your proposal from me before starting on your template. The proposal will include a project summary, a feature list, screen schematics, mockups, and a bid (estimated hours broken out into design, content, development, and implementation).

Exercise 3: jQuery UI
Due: Session 2, Week 8 (5 points)

Implement a minimum of five examples of jQuery UI behaviors. Build the application into a single page that includes each example in a different area of the page. Prepare the environment so that it will work with or without internet access. A zip file of the environment that includes all the necessary web files (JavaScript files, css files, html files, etc.) must be uploaded by session 2 of week 8.

1. Implement five or more examples of jQuery UI behaviors.
2. Examples may include show, toggle, accordion, datepicker, slider, menu, and progressbar.
3. Set up the examples to work with or with internet access on a single html page.
4. Upload a zip of your gallery application to the D2L by session 2 of Week 7.

Points Breakdown:
4 points will be awarded for properly implementing five jQuery UI behaviors.
1 points will be awarded for implementing the examples on an html page.

Relevant Resources:
jQuery UI

Session 2: Today we will look at your jQuery Gallery exercises. Following the presentations we will continue demonstrations for the jQuery UI exercise.

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