Week 4

Session 1: Today we will begin demonstrations for the Simple JS Calculator Web Application assigned on week 3. During studio time you will be expected to prepare for the JS Calculator milestones described below under session 2.

Google's Calculator

Session 2: Today we will continue our discussion on JavaScript and demonstrate adding functionality to the JS Calculator Web Application. This will including looking at the JavaScript Math object.

Math is a built-in object that has properties and methods for mathematical constants and functions. Not a function object. Unlike the other global objects, Math is not a constructor. All properties and methods of Math are static. You refer to the constant pi as Math.PI and you call the sine function as Math.sin(x), where x is the method’s argument. Constants are defined with the full precision of real numbers in JavaScript. –MDN

During studio time please have the following milestones prepared for feedback.

Simple JS Calculator Web Application Milestones
1. Have your calculator UI constructed using HTML5 and CSS
2. A minimum of four JavaScript functions must be implemented
3. Several alternative functions must be in preparation