Week 3

Session 1: During studio time today I will be giving final feedback sessions for your UX Evaluation Projects. The feedback sessions will occur in groups determined at the beginning of class. Each group will meet to critique each others project and then report their critiques to me for final feedback. This is the last opportunity to get feedback before the project presentations during our next meeting. Please be prepared by having the following milestone completed before class begins.

UX Evaluation Study Milestone
1. Finalize the color scheme, layout, typesetting, navigation, and interactivity for your project
2. Include a minimum of four optimized images that illustrate your points
3. Have written content in place for a minimum of four of the specified criteria

Session 2: Today we will present the UX Evaluation Projects. Following the presentation we will review the requirements for the next project: the JavaScript Calculator Web Application. This project is intended as an introduction to the basics of JavaScript. As we move on to projects that will use the jQuery framework to enhance user experience it is important that you have a basic understanding of the language on its own.

Assignment 2: Simple JS Calculator Web Application (10 Points)
Due: Session 1, Week 5 (Beginning of Class)

Build a simple calculator using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. At a minimum the calculator must be able to do addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Use html forms to create a text field for the numbers, buttons for the functions and operators (+,-,*,/), and buttons to calculate and clear the text field. Add more functions such as percent, modulus, square root, and/or exponents. This exercise will help create an understanding of variables, expressions, assignment operators, logical operators, and functions. Use the Mozilla JavaScript Reference to look up the Math object and other functions and syntax.

1. Use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build a Calculator
2. The tool must give the correct answer for an expression of two numbers
3. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are required operators
4. Add additional functions such as percent, modulus, or exponents
5. Do NOT use the eval() function (here’s why not)
6. Use CSS to style the calculator and enhance the user interface
7. Upload your project to the student webspace by session 1 of Week 5

Point Breakdown:
5 points are awarded for properly functioning features within the calculator application
5 points are awarded for user experience design considerations and the look & feel of the app

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