Week 2

Session 1: Today we will select students for the Google-Fu assignment. This participation assignment requires each student to research and comment about the content for a particular week of the class.

Assignment 2: “Google-Fu” Interactive Design Research Skills
Due: Before Session 2 of the Assigned Week (6 points)

Each student will be assigned one of nine weeks (2-10) from the class content. The student is required to research the content for their week using Google and find three current and relevant web-based articles about the subject(s) contained within their assigned week that are not already included in the class content. The link to each article and a 1-3 sentence description must be entered as a comment on the class website before session 2 of the assigned week.

1. Enter one comment with three links and descriptions for the assigned week
2. Make sure the links are current, relevant, and not previously included
3. Enter your comment 24 hours before session 2 of the assigned week for approval

Points Breakdown:
1 point is awarded for each relevant link
1 point is awarded for an accurate description of the article

Following the discussion about the assignment we will discuss the purpose, syntax, and techniques of CSS. For some of you this topic might be review and for others it may feel advanced. Please be familiar the following:

CSS Tutorial at W3Schools

After our discussion we will continue the demonstrations for the UX Evaluation Project. Topics covered will include list-based navigation, page jumps, and floating images.

Session 2: Today I would like to begin discussing JavaScript. This language is the most widely use scripting language for front-end development on the web. It is used in almost every modern web application for both desktop and mobile platforms. Some of the task JavaScript is used for include: client-side scripting, form validation, UI enhancements, HTML5 canvas animations, servers side scripting (Node.js). During our demonstration today we will implement several examples of JavaScript including the animated scrolling technique seen below (source: learningjquery.com). This script relies on jQuery, so we will also cover the process of including jQuery in our environments.

Relevant Resources:
Official jQuery Site
W3Schools JavaScript Tutorial
Mozilla Developer Network JS Documentation

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  1. For the Google-Fu assignment, this week we are discussing and learning JavaScript and further looking into CSS and HTML. JavaScript (JS) is the most widely utilized coding language for web development today, let alone among the most versatile. You can create animations for the web, analytical tools, infinite scrolling (exactly like Pinterest and Facebook), social media sites, etc.





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