Syllabus and Meeting Times

IM2420 Fundamemtals of Scripting Languages

Students develop and refine basic programming skills. Emphasis is placed on programming concepts including logic, problem solving, process flow and flowcharting, syntax and structures, and debugging and troubleshooting. Students will acquire skills needed to design, develop, and produce practical interactive applications. (Course Prerequisite: IM1480 Fundamentals of Interactive Design) Note: WDIM students must earn a C or better to pass this capstone course.

Instructor: John Keston

Meeting Times and Location:
Session 1 / Session 2
M/W 11am – 2pm (with appropriate breaks), Room 342, LaSalle building

Syllabus: Please visit e-Companion to download the current syllabus

Textbook: HTML5 and CSS3 (7th edition) Visual Quickstart Guide by Elizabeth Castro

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