Week 9

Session 1: Today’s inclass demonstrations will involve typical uses for CSS3 transitions and animations. CSS3 transitions and animations are an easy and generally accessible way to integrate motion into your designs. Most transitions are initiated via the hover pseudo class. Animations begin when the page loads. Uses include: navigation, thumbnail fades, image captions, sliders, etc.

Relevant links:
CSS3 Transitions of W3Schools
CSS3 Transition Tutorial
Lea Verou’s Prefix Free Widget
Trigger CSS3 Transitions on Click

Session 2: Today we will be critiquing your design mockups. Please be prepared to show your mockups to your assigned group members. I will visit each group and provide additional feedback.

Final Web Application Milestone #1
Due: Week 10, Session 1 (before class starts)

1. Be prepared to show your template work-in-progress
2. Demonstrate navigation with both primary and secondary items
3. Illustrate your ability with fluid layout, floats, asides, and typesetting

5 thoughts on “Week 9”

  1. http://cssmenumaker.com/blog/free-css-sidebar-menu-navigations
    This website has different types of sidebars for CSS. There are plain sidebars and ones that have a drop down menu with it. If you click on the link it will bring you to another page that has the zip file. The zip file contains the html and CSS file.

    This website has different types of layouts for CSS. The layouts can be basic with just text or have a picture here and there and other of the layouts just contain pictures. You can view the different layouts and download the zip files which gives you the html and CSS files.

    This website shows 49 examples of CSS. Each has a slightly different style but a lot of them have a main picture or introduction that does not have a lot of text. It shows you a picture of main page for each website and you can click on the name for each one to go to their website.

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