Week 10

Session 1: This week we will look at several examples of Javascript image galleries. These galleries may take the form of a simple “lightbox,” or they may be implemented as responsive image sliders with slideshow, animation, and many other adjustable options. Also, please look a the following requirements for the next milestone.

Relevant Resources:
An article with many jQuery Gallery Plugins

Final Web Application Milestone #2
Due: Week 10, Session 2 (before class starts)

1. Be prepared to show your template work-in-progress
2. Illustrate the use of a jQuery image gallery on a single page
3. Demonstrate your working navigation system linking to three or more pages

Session 2: Let’s continue demonstrations of Javascript image galleries. I will also be polling the class to find out if there are any other techniques that you would like to see demonstrated that have not yet been covered. Otherwise, please be prepared to show your final project work-in-progress for feedback.

One thought on “Week 10”

  1. This week we are working on our final project. I am personally working on a mock portfolio, so I decided to look at sites that would help me in my final project.

    This first site is 200 portfolio sites that are inspirations in web design. Although the site does not have coding to help me incorporate it into my portfolio, it is neat to see what is out there in terms of web design layout for portfolios.

    I personally have troubles finding fonts to pair well for the headers and content parts on my site. This site is very helpful because you are able to put in your own content to see what it would look like with the various type fonts.

    The last is a site that I wish I would have found a long time ago. Although it has a lot of information, the area that I like the most is the almanac of all the css codes and what they mean/do.

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