Week 4

Session 1: What are some good techniques for creating sounds effects through recording techniques? How, for example, would you make the sound of a human heartbeat? What about bones breaking, explosions, or fire? Obviously it can be difficult to record the real thing for many examples of sounds that we need to produce. Today we will experiment with recording sounds in the studio and processing them to produce specific kinds of effects that might otherwise be expensive or dangerous to record. Although it seems mundane, we’ll also record multiple examples of footsteps and experiment with placing them in specific environments.

There are many resources that offer suggestions for producing specific types sounds. Here’s a link to a discussion on how to produce a long list of sounds that may otherwise be difficult or expensive to record naturally.

Epic Sound: Guide to Sound Effects

Session 2: Today I will demonstrate how to produce the effect of a human heartbeat. We will also review working with axillary sends in Pro Tools. Finally I am assigning a short, two page research paper on experimental sound design techniques. This paper is optional if you attend HHHM6.

Research Paper Requirements (Due on session 1, Week 7):

1. Write a two page research paper on an experimental sound design technique of your choice. Suggested resources include, AudioCookbook.org, Create Digital Music, { sound + design }, and Designing Sound.

2. You can focus on a technique that uses software or a software plugin to create an effect, or a technique that unitizes physical equipment to produce, capture or process sounds. Examine the historical context of the technique. Who uses it and how? What is advantageous about it versus other mothods?