Content for each class can be found under the Class Content heading in the sidebar. Here’s a list of currently available class content and former class titles. Course titles under “Former Classes” and that are not links are not a current part of the Web Design and Interactive Media curriculum.


Current Classes
AP2460 MIDI Systems I
CA2431 Audio Production
DF3420 Sound Design
GD1400 Computer Applications
GD2480 Designing for the Web
IM1480 Fundamentals of IMD
IM2420 Fundamentals of Scripting Languages
IM2440 User Centered Interface Design
IM2460 Intro to Authoring
IM2490 Interactive Motion Scripting
IM3420 Advanced Scripting Languages
IM4420 DynamicWeb Applications
IM4470 E-Learning
IM4490 Special Topics

Former Classes
MM2421 Intro to Web Programming
MM2424 Scripting Languages
MM2429 Interactive Telecom
MM2481 Intro to Multimedia
MM3441 Advanced Interactive Design
MM3448 Database Concepts and Structures
MM4432 Authoring Systems
MM4440 Site Design for Ecommerce

Curriculum for classes taught by John Keston at Art Institutes Minnesota