Keston PortraitI am a musician, developer and instructor currently based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Originally from the United Kingdom, I have been working as a professional in the technology industry for around two decades. During that time I have had parallel careers as a musician, composer and producer focusing on electronic music and sound design.

On this site I am archiving all of the curriculum that I have developed while working as an instructor at Art Institutes Minnesota in the Interactive Media Design program. Please feel free to comment on the content of each class. Comments are moderated, but anything that contributes to the topic will be considered for inclusion. If you prefer you can email me at jkeston@aii.edu.

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  1. Hey man loving the new site. Good color and I really like the hovers on comments.

    You’re a good teacher, I decided to use wordpress as a back end for the final project. I have never used wordpress before really, so it is all new for me.

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Curriculum for classes taught by John Keston at Art Institutes Minnesota